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The origin of this pharmacy goes back in the 30´s

The first owner was D. Vicente Saval, who first opened it in Zaragoza street, next to the recognized and emblematic bell tower of the Cathedral, "El Miguelete". Hence its name during that period.

Later on, D. Alfonso Lacasta buys it, who, due to urban modifications in what we know today as Plaza de la Reina, has to move it to the current location in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

This emblematic pharmacy has seen historical events, like the flood that happened in 1957, which made the pharmacy been flooded for a couple of days. Everything was solved as soon as it could be and the pharmacy kept open as normal.

In August 1979, D. José Escrig buys it, who, at the same time, hands over his daughter Victoria, Doctor in Pharmacology, 10 years later.

In this last stage, along with some other colleagues,  has been possible this new pharmacy concept, which tends to provide the best customer to its customers.


We are in

Plaza del Ayuntamiento 3, 46002 Valencia (Valencia)